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Be Aware of Roofing Fraud After Storms

As you probably know, Colorado Springs and surrounding areas were recently hit with what insurance companies are calling a “catastrophic weather event.” Many members of our community were hit with storms that produced damaging hail, some of which were as large as tennis balls. If you were affected by this, you are probably in the market for roofing repairs, or even an entire roof replacement.

Due to the large scale of damage caused by this storm, we are hearing reports of out-of-state roofers coming into town and taking advantage of local residents. In this industry, we call these companies “Storm Chasers.” They come into town, take your money, and often times leave bad workmanship behind. In some cases, they never do any work at all.

We at Flatiron Steel would like to offer our help to those of you in search of dependable, fair, honest and LOCAL metal roofers. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or need a referral for one of our trusted contractors. We have also attached a few helpful links that will help you protect yourself against these “Storm Chasers” and Scammers.

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