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Interior and Deocrative Metal Roofing

Metal paneling and trim is used in countless different applications from common functions like roofing, to high-end copper trim work. One of the goals at Flatiron Steel is to help you with all the options in between, to provide guidance when asked, but mostly to help you realize the opportunities of steel and make them a reality for your project.


Interior Agricultural Use

Liner panel on interior walls and ceilings are popular and easy to finish with a few simple flashing details. This provides easy cleanup in barns and garages and makes great use of existing lightening when the interior color is white or parchment.


Interior Residential Use

Metal can be used in numerous locations within your home that you may have never even thought about. Easy to clean countertop backsplashes can be custom made to fit your home and come in countless material options like stainless steel and copper. On vaulted ceilings corrugated or soffit panels can break up useless space and transform it into a work of art. Wainscot’s can be easily created with weathering steel and patina to your liking, and can switch the feel of a room in as little as one day. For ideas and pictures of interior projects that Flatiron Steel has been a part of please contact us.


Steel and Copper Patina

Non painted metal surfaces like copper and weathering steel can be made to appear many different ways depending on the environment that they are exposed to. Weathering steel (rusting steel) can be put in an acid bath, exposed to water, and then acrylic coated which seals the process in time, then used inside a home or office for many years to come. Copper like Stainless Steel posses other properties that react in unique ways when exposed to heat or salt and can also be acrylic coated for use on interior applications. Please contact us for more details.



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"I highly recommend the services provided by Flatiron Steel. They are not just a metal shop, they are professionals in all respects to the metal industry and customer service."

- Bill Goldsberry
Gold Roofing, Inc.

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