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How to Measure a Roof

Measuring Your Home for Metal Roofing

Are you interested in metal roofing? One of the first steps before you order your materials is measuring your roof so we can custom-manufacture a roof for your home. Learn more about how to measure your roof below.


Step by Step:

1. Accurate measurements allow us to give you an accurate estimate – sketch out a top-down view of your house:

• Don’t worry about getting the dimensions or scale perfect

2. Your roof may have some or all of the following areas to measure – write down how many feet and inches each line represents

  • Eave Lines

  • Gables

  • Ridges

  • Hip Ridges

  • Valleys

  • End Walls

  • Side Walls

  • Transitions

  • Prow Gables

3. There may be some additional measurements required for complex areas, here are some examples:

4. Look at your fascia, and determine what type of cut it has, square or plumb cut:

5. Measure the dimensions of the fascia:

6. Determine your roof’s pitch, this requires a level and a measuring tape:

7. Measure any pipes or irregularities on the roof:

Our team is standing by to help you custom order your metal roof!

Contact our team if you have questions or would like to place an order.


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