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Oil canning is an inherent part of light gauge cold formed metal products and is not cause for coil, sheet or panel rejection. Protective film must be removed immediately upon installation. Colors and sizes can change without notice. Additional sizes may be available, please contact your sales representative. Please contact our office for maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Product Description

Ultra-Clad pre-finished metal features Dura Coat Durapon 70% full strength PVDF paint finishes formulated with Cool technology. This high performance product provides the ultimate in resistance against fading and weathering. In addition to our standard colors, custom colors are also available up request.

Color Samples

Colors shown represent the actual colors as accurate as modern printing technology will permit. Colors represented on electronic charts may not match actual material. All colors should be verified using actual metal samples. Mismatch of electronic color representation and actual material shall not be accepted as a cause for rejection. Free metal samples are available upon request.

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"I highly recommend the services provided by Flatiron Steel. They are not just a metal shop, they are professionals in all respects to the metal industry and customer service."

- Bill Goldsberry
Gold Roofing, Inc.

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