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Family Story

Founded in 1993 by Dave and Cathy Smith, Teton Steel in Idaho Falls served as a training facility for the president and owner of Flatiron Steel, Lee Smith. Since Lee was 13 years old he spent all his time at Teton Steel with his father Dave Smith learning the importance of American made quality products, and exceptional service in an industry where the norm is just the opposite.


Company Profile

Lee Smith founded Flatiron Steel in July of 2006 in La Salle, CO. His standards for Flatiron Steel represent the uppermost industry markers for performance, attention to detail, and individual customer satisfaction on every order, every time. The needs and expectations of the customer always come first, and they are the driving force behind every decision that we make, ensuring a distinctive customer service environment.

Please come visit us at Flatiron Steel at either one of our showrooms, Greeley or Colorado Springs, and experience the difference.

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Energy Star


"I highly recommend the services provided by Flatiron Steel. They are not just a metal shop, they are professionals in all respects to the metal industry and customer service."

- Bill Goldsberry
Gold Roofing, Inc.

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