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A Classic Agricultural and Residential Metal Paneling System

The 3’ Tuf Rib panel is Flatiron Steel’s most economical metal roofing system. When produced in 29 gauge, with Flatiron Steel’s Duracoat XT 40S 40-year paint system, this roofing system is similarly priced to most 30 year impact resistant shingle roofing systems. With clean traditional lines, this panel profile delivers all the qualities that a metal roof can offer at an affordable price.

3’ Tuf Rib orders are produced within just one to two days and can be picked up at either one of our locations at your convenience.


Residential and Agricultural


This product features Flatiron Steel’s Duracoat XT 40S 40-year paint system, developed with a unique formula that helps the paint surface stay cleaner and brighter longer than other 40-year paint systems.


  • Can be applied over a solid substrate or open purlins (free span no more the 24”)
  • Minimum slope recommendation is 3:12
  • If used for a residential roofing application, use bead mastic between overlaps and stitch the seams together with a stitch screw (see binder page for fastening information)
  • Use in conjunction with Titanium underlayment products for residential homes


  • Exposed fastener
  • 36” wall and roof coverage
  • 9”on center rib spacing, ¾” rib height
  • Manufactured from 80,000ksi minimum tensile strength steel
  • Watertight siphon groove on the under lap rib, 5 degree over bend on overlap leg
  • Any length is available from 1’0” to 50’0”, panels will be cut to the nearest ½”
  • Produced with a Galvalume® substrate


Most readily available in 29 and 26 gauge painted (Duracoat XT-40S), Galvalume®, Bonderized, and Western Rust. If you have a special request please inquire at the office of your choice.


Custom trim and accessories are available for all panels and material types.


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"I highly recommend the services provided by Flatiron Steel. They are not just a metal shop, they are professionals in all respects to the metal industry and customer service."

- Bill Goldsberry
Gold Roofing, Inc.

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